Moroccan Rugs

Morocco is beautiful country in North or Africa from Atlas Mountains to Sahara Desert with tribal cultures, colorful history and most importantly hand-made rugs and flat weave kilims. Most of the tribes have been used vivid color such as gold, red, pink, blue, ivory, brown, black for generations.

Morocco has about 40 – 45 different tribes spread all around geographical areas, from the cold Atlas Mountains to Sahara Desert. Nomadic Moroccans and Berber tribes have been living in their tents and moving around from mountains to deserts for many generations.

Moroccan rugs mainly have high thick piles, and some tribes makes very vivid colorful flat weaves such as kilims.

Moroccan rugs are little bit different as a design wise then Oriental rugs. By using asymmetrical minimalist simple designs can be easier to use in modern décor. So many interior designers and private collectors & consumers prefer Vintage or new Moroccan rugs in their projects.

Moroccan rugs have been traditionally woven by the various tribal people for their home and tribal life like their tents, more than for decorative purposes. The weavers are almost always tribal and no artistic training for designing. The Moroccan rugs woven by tribal weavers have minimal simple asymmetrical designs and patterns.



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