Modern Design Rug #8341-94

Width: 8 ft  1in

Length: 10 ft 1 in

Material: Bamboo Silk on Silk


This gorgeous modern area rug uses ivory and light grey earth tones warm colors. It has a very fine weave with asymmetrical  intricate details in design. It is all hand knotted all  bamboo with vegetable dyed. It has simple abstract design with large patterns.

It would be the perfect area rug for modern design dining room, living room or bedroom. Our modern rug collection is timeless traditional elegance; luxury and elegant floor covering. It is timeless modern heritage.

Each modern area rug from our extraordinary modern collection can easily match with any fabric from designer choices, fashion color combinations and designs that designer prefer in their any project.

We have the largest extraordinary modern rug collection in our gallery with all kinds of color combinations, any sizes and designs that designer can easily use in their projects. They are all ready to go and delivery.

If you would like to talk with one of the experts at Palm BEACH Rug Gallery, please feel free to give us a call at +1 561 660 88 34


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