What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Running Rug Runner Rugs?

Runner rugs offer many different advantages at home. Runner rugs do not only look great and add to the overall appeal of your living space, but they also add a measure of protection to your floors, walls and furniture especially if you have any hard wood floors or any other type of non-porous hard flooring. If you are living in a multi-use environment then you should think about having some runner rugs on your floor as well as on the walls. runner rugs are quite popular with those people who live in high crime areas or who work in high traffic areas where there may be many people walking around at all times. There are a wide variety of designs available in a runner rug and if you do not like the one that you choose then it can always be replaced! The good news is that they can also be placed outside your house where you can still use them in the event that there is heavy foot traffic around your house.


They add warmth to your home


One of the major benefits of runner rugs is that they add warmth to your home. They are ideal for cold weather homes, especially if they are in a courtyard or outside in the garden area. If you buy a rug that has a natural backing then it can be a good idea to protect your floor and wall or furniture from the weather by putting some sort of repellent on it. These types of runner rugs are normally made from sheep’s wool and have an open weave pattern, so they are great if you are trying to maintain warmth within your home during the colder months.


They make excellent choices for living rooms


Another advantage of these types of rug is that they make excellent choices for living rooms and kitchen areas because you can place them almost anywhere within these rooms. You can place them in any room except the drawing room because they are difficult to fit in. It is important to consider the space available in your living rooms and kitchens before you decide where you want to put these runners. If you live in a spacious house then you may not have problems placing one in a central area but if your house is small then you will probably have problems. This is why most people prefer to buy larger open floor plans where they can place them wherever they like.

Usually the rooms that receive the most traffic include the hallways and foyers of the house. The hallway is usually the main passage way for anyone coming in or going out and the foyer is the formal entrance to any home so runner rugs are usually placed in these areas as well. If you have an entrance hall or lobby that receives visitors then runner rugs can help make your hall welcoming and comfortable to walk into and out of. They are good for both indoor and outdoor use and because they are easy to clean, they will last much longer than carpets.


The kitchen is one of the best places for these runners.


If you are living in an open floor plans type of house then the kitchen is one of the best places for these runners. These are ideal for the kitchen because you can choose from a huge range of colours and designs. One thing to remember though is that if your kitchen receives a lot of traffic then it is advisable to get a durable and water proof runner rug. These are more expensive than carpets but they are worth the extra expense. You can find these rugs at any good home store or outlet centre.


They can also be used in hallways


One of the other things to keep in mind when looking at these runners is that they can also be used in hallways. If your hallway is light then you won’t see much of a difference between a carpeted hallway and one which have runner rugs. This is because the rugs act as barriers which slow down the movement of people walking through them. They don’t stick out from the ground like a carpet does so you won’t really see the difference in the design of the hallway until you enter in the deep end of the hallway. The people who use these rugs in hallways will find that they provide protection against slipping on the wet flooring.

There are a number of disadvantages of using wool rugs as opposed to any other type of runner rug. One of these is that wool is a natural fibre and therefore it is more delicate than other materials. It can easily get damaged by harsh chemicals such as those found in some pesticides. Another disadvantage is that wool rugs can get very dirty quickly because of the dirt and oil from cooking, cleaning or sweat. It can also take on the colour of the garments that are being washed especially if the spills are on the outside rims.

There are a number of different types of runner rugs available. They can be made from cotton, polyester or nylon. Those made from cotton can be machine-washer and dryer friendly. Those made from polyester can be machine-washed but you should use a mild detergent. Nylon can be machine-washed but a bleach solution may be needed to remove stains from them. Those made from high traffic areas should be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain their look.


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