Using A Drug Rug As A Fashion Statement

A Baja shirt (or a “Baja hoodie”, “Baja sweatshirt”, or Baja sweater) is a form of Mexican garment with a single large, double-sided pocket on one side, and small vents on the other side. They’re designed for comfort and flexibility. There are usually many pockets, which allow you to organize your belongings such as your keys, make-up, and other items.

It’s widely believed that the origin of wearing Mexican clothing came from the state of Baja California in Mexico. The early inhabitants were called “Tricos” by the local Tezmicans, who spoke Tezmican, a Tezcan language. The Tricos wore long kilts that hung down over their shins, and they also wore thick woolen sweaters or boleros to keep warm, along with frilly pants, skirts and dresses. Much like today’s jeans, Mexican jeans looked good and kept the wearer warm, but unlike modern jeans, they didn’t have pockets.


Mexican clothing


As the centuries passed, more people started wearing Mexican clothing. During this time, the “Tricos” changed their clothes to Mexican clothing and wore those same kinds of baja hoodies and sweaters. But the “Tricos” weren’t the only ones who made the switch. Many American, European, and Japanese tourists were also hooked on Mexican hoodies and sweaters. With the popularity of these sweaters, drug dealers started selling them, making the Baja hoodie even more popular.


The drug rug became popular in Los Angeles during the late 1980s


Many Hollywood celebrities and hip hop artists were spotted wearing the Mexican style hoodies and sweaters, including Ne-yo, Eazy-E, Will Smith, Scarface and many others. This was a great opportunity for artists to promote their music and sell their albums, but it was also a huge business opportunity for clothing companies to market their products and become popular among the American public. A company could put out a pullover sweater that was very similar to what the Mexican baja hoodies were wearing and then promote themselves by promoting Mexican food and drinks. The possibilities were endless.

Unfortunately, along with the popularity of the drug rug, drug crime and organized crime grew in Mexico. Gangs and corrupt police officers began to target the Mexican youth. Since the Mexican government wasn’t very concerned about the drug trade, the criminals soon took over the streets and the merchandise was sold openly, often targeting the poorer Mexican citizens, who were considered low-life consumers. This caused a great deal of anger in Mexico, which led to the rise of a very extreme type of protectionism in Mexico, and the creation of the drug rugs and sweatshops.


Mexican drug rug or Baja hoodie


Recently, however, President Felipe Calderon has made it illegal to wear a Mexican drug rug or Baja hoodie within the borders of the United States. While this law does affect those that are selling them, it also affects those Mexican teenagers that are wearing them to simply wear them around as fashion statements. If you’re a Mexican teenager that loves to wear their hoodie or sweater every day, you probably don’t care about the laws that are currently being enforced. However, if you’re a middle-aged American man that wants to continue to wear a Mexican style apparel, which includes the Baja hoodie, you might be upset about the laws. There’s nothing more frustrating than wearing a sweater or a hoodie to class or to impress someone, only to have them immediately searched upon entering the United States.

Some people that enjoy Mexican clothing and especially the Mexican drug rugs and Baja California hoodies will continue to purchase illegal substances in order to resell them on the streets of America. However, this will largely be an individual decision. For others, the act of wearing a sweater or a Baja hoodie without being searched upon entering the United States is not worth the hassle. In fact, many people that do choose to use this strategy don’t really care whether or not they are ultimately detected by law enforcement officials. They simply want to continue to wear these popular Mexican fashion accessories out at parties in the California beach resorts.

Although the law has prohibited the sale and distribution of designer drug rugs and sweaters, there are still many places for you to acquire them. If you’re willing to look online, you can easily find a large selection of websites that offer these items for sale. In addition, you can also find many individuals that are willing to sell one or more of their baja jackets. You may even be able to find a good deal on a Baja California sweater or hoodie by attending a large Baja California street fair. Many street fairs offer free entrance to the general public, which means that you’ll have a chance to get your hands on some great designer items.


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