Shag Rug – The Right Shag Rug For Your Interior Decor

Shag rug is one of the many choices of floor covering. Its name came about because of the so-called “shaggy” look it creates. Shag rugs have their name from their characteristic look: a scruffy, uneven, patchy pile which is at least an inch long. These rugs come in various materials and colors such as cotton, wool, and nylon. They are generally made in square or rectangular shapes.

In today’s modern times, the shag has been reinvented and transformed into soft cushioning for the floors. It provides comfort and a soft look that lure most buyers. Shag rugs are also referred to as flokati rugs. This type of floor covering can be used indoors and outdoors. The benefits of this type of floor covering are numerous.




Because of its unique style and design, shag rugs are very durable and can withstand spills and long-term use without developing any ugly stains. This is especially important for rugs used inside the home, where they are susceptible to stains, pet hair, oil, dirt, dust, and other debris. Furthermore, it protects the carpet from wear and tear caused by frequent use. With proper care, these carpets last for a long time.




Since the texture and pattern change with the changing seasons, most shag carpets require periodic weeding to remove weeds. Regular cleaning with a mild shampoo containing organic liquids (such as vinegar or lemon juice) helps remove residue and dirt from the surface. To achieve the most even and beautiful look, use a damp mop on the surface to remove dust. Vacuum regularly and allow the shag rug to dry thoroughly before installing furniture or laying carpeting.


Design and Fabric


Shag rugs come in both solid colors and checkered patterns. They also come in both light and dark yarns. Each type of fabric has different natural grains that give a distinctive look. For example, shag rugs made from 100% cotton have a tight, natural look with a low sheen. They are great for creating the shabby chic look. In contrast, a greece weave shag rug has a deeper, richer, more authentic look and comes in a wide variety of colors.




Although a shag rug is cheaper than a traditional carpet, it should not be an impulse purchase. Shop around and comparison shop to find the best deal. Be sure to measure your interior space before making a purchase. Make sure the shag rug is the correct size and will fit comfortably in the space. Also be sure to consider installation. Some may require a professional installation, others can be tied down using easy-to-follow instructions.

The best thing about shag rugs available today is their durability. Unlike carpets, rugs made from 100% cotton fibers will not shrink, fray, or wear. Carpets will usually last for several years, but shag rugs will last for many more years. A durable rug is one of the best things you can buy for your home.

If you are looking for a cheap way to create a shag room, try shag rugs. The beauty of this rug is that it is not only inexpensive, but it will last for a long time. You will love the look, it adds to your home. Not only will it bring a unique look to any room it will keep you cool, refreshed, and comfortable. Go out and get yourself a shag carpeting look today!


Colors and styles of shag rugs


Shag rugs are available in a variety of colors and styles. If you want a bold look, you can find large shag-sized rugs in dark, intense colors. These are great if you want to express your personality or are looking for something a bit different than you would find in your typical department store. Bright, light, and natural colors are also available. Whether you want a subtle or a vibrant shag rug, there is something out there for you.

Some people like their shag rugs to have patterns or different colors to suit their individual tastes. You can also find some shag rugs that are made from different fibers than regular shag. For example, if you enjoy floral colors, you will be able to find shag-sized rugs made from chenille, jute, or even sisal. With so many different options, you can choose the shag look that suits your style.

As you can see, shag rugs can be found for every type of decorating scheme and mood. Whether you love the vintage shag look or you are after a more contemporary look, you can find shaggy carpet. You just have to look through the pile and decide if you like it or not! Good luck with your decorating and happy shagding!


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