Rug Cleaning

We provide cleaning service for  all kind of expensive antique and Oriental or Persian rugs.

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1. Flip the rug over and vacuum the back side of the rug with a beater bar type vacuum cleaner. This loosens dirt and sand that has penetrated the rug’s pile and is trapped near the foundation. You will need to sweep the dirt that has fallen out of the pile underneath the rug once you are done vacuuming. If it has been a while since your last rug cleaning you may need to repeat this step SO MANY TIMES .

2. Vacuum the surface of the rug thoroughly.

3. You will need a liquid cleaner specially made for woolen fabrics, such as Woolite, a small bucket, a scrub brush with nylon bristles and warm water or cold water ( depends on your rug origin ). Mix the cleaner with warm water to produce a sudsy combination.Sometimes we recommend to add vinegar or little bit Clorox ( this is definately depends on your origin )

4. Scoop up a brush full of the suds with a small amount of water and begin to scrub the wool pile in the direction from bound edge to bound edge in approximately one foot strokes. Try to wash one square foot at a time.

5. After you have washed each square foot of your rug, use a brush to comb the pile straight in the direction you would pet a cat.

6. You have vacuum the all water and soap from the rug. this is very important. If you do not vacuum the water from the rug some colors can run and can change the colors.

Let the rug air dry on a flat, clean surface. You can use a fan on the rug to speed the drying time. This can take at least two days. Another option is letting your rug dry in the sun if it is a nice day. You will have to rotate your rug periodically so it dries faster. There is no need to worry about fading if you are only putting it outside for a day or two.

7. After the area rug is completely dry, vacuum the rug thoroughly to remove any soap sediment. You should notice the highlight colors in your rug are more vivid and the pile has a lustrous appearance now that the wool is free from grime.


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