Modern Design Carpet #76217

Width 8 ft 1 in
Length 10 ft 1 in

Our Modern Collection offers beautifully rendered organic designs that are both fresh and sophisticated. All rugs are hand woven in Nepal or India by highly skilled artisans using the finest hand-carded and hand-spun   wool, Indian mulberry silk, and ecologically sustainable fibers, such as nettle, hemp and linen.

They are  all vegetable dyed. Each item is one of a kind and the same design not available in other sizes.

An allover abstract pattern emerges between spontaneous lavender and goldish olive green on this one-of-a-kind silk and wool rug from our Modern Design  Collection. Hand-knotted in India, a distinctive weaving technique creates a unique hi-low effect, the motifs appearing to rise from the foundation, abstracted. A cross-pollination of aesthetics, it reveals an amalgam of cultural influences on the weaver who created it.

Subtle variations in design result in a unique tactile experience, no two pieces are alike.

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10 ft


8 ft


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