Kula Rug

Kula is the capital town of the Manisa Province, and lies about 100 km east of Izmir on the road to Ușak. Together with Ușak, Gördes, Lâdik and Bergama it belongs to the most important rug weaving centers of Anatolia. Prayer rug designs are common, with straight-lined mihrab niches. Another specific design is called “mazarlik”, or graveyard design, which is a subtype of the garden design. The particularly gloomy yet brilliant colour scheme caused one type of rugs from this area to be called “Kömürcü (“charcoal burner”) Kula”. A combination with predominantly yellow borders is characteristic for Kula carpets. Unusual for Anatolian, and even for Oriental rugs, the rug type called “Kendirli” Kula makes use of hemp in its foundation. A number of “Transylvanian” rugs are attributed to the Kula

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