How to Decorate With Bedroom Rugs

Choosing bedroom rugs is an important investment decision for any homeowner. Since it’s probably the place where you get ready for sleep every morning, it should be a comfortable place as well. And it should reflect your personal style as much as possible. Here are some tips for helping you choose the best rugs for your bedroom.




Different sizes and colors of rugs come in many different styles. You can find large rectangular rugs in all sorts of colors. Shaggy, knotted shapes are popular for bedrooms. But if you’re more into the more traditional look, bedroom rugs in earth tones of browns, tans, or grays can add a nice touch to your bedroom.


Design Scheme


The design scheme of bedroom rugs often comes together with the type of flooring you have in your house. For example, if you have hardwood floors, you’ll want to steer clear of darker colored or large rug designs. Instead, opt for rugs that are designed for more durable flooring.


Patterned rug runners


If you’d like to go with a bold, distinctive pattern on your floor covering, patterned rug runners can be a great choice. Think about the color and design of the rugs you already have in your house, then think about what would be a good complement to it. For instance, if your bedroom rugs aren’t patterned, consider choosing area rugs in bold, patterned designs that contrast well with the color of your walls or furniture.


Contrasting Colors


Many people like to have strong contrasting colors in their bedroom rugs. To do this, think about the type of furniture or wall coverings that are dominating the room. If you’re having a lot of white walls, a contrasting color in the rugs could be a good way to add a little more variety to your decor.

Large Rugs


If you do want to try a large rug in your bedroom rugs, be sure to go with a rug that’s large enough to cover the entire floor. A patterned rug, as small as it is, can look too overpowering when it covers an entire wall. Large area rugs make a great accent rug by placing them at each end of a long bare floor. You can also use a large rug in front of a couch or chair to add depth.




When choosing bedroom rugs, it’s important to think about what kind of material you’re going to get. Natural fibers such cotton, wool, and silk are great for giving your rugs with a luxurious look. You should also take into consideration the color and texture of your carpeting. Try to get a rug that will match your existing rugs. If you’re having a darker tone carpet, a lighter colored rug might be too harsh on the eyes.


Color Pallette Colors


Although some people want all black bedroom rugs, remember that you can still mix and match different colors to liven up the room. Consider adding a pop of color in one corner by putting a colorful accent rug there. Or place a colorful accent rug in front of a sofa with a bold color. This can really bring life to a dull space.


Area Rugs


Bedroom area rugs can be used on the floor as well as the bed. To make an inviting area, put a small rug down in front of your bed. You can then use several area rugs in different areas of the room. It’s a great way to change up the look of a room without having to change out the existing bedcovers.


Contrasting Colors


Although you may love a certain color, try incorporating some contrasting colors into your bedroom rugs. You can find a rug with a contrasting color on each side and then find some interesting ways to use these rugs together. From checkered patterns to striped designs, you can create a colorful and sophisticated look with these colorful accent pieces.


Wool Rugs

People with allergies or individuals who live in a hot or humid area can benefit from using wool rugs. Wool is a natural fiber that will not irritate the skin and it will keep you cool and comfortable on a hot day.


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