The virtues of the antique Heriz carpets are found in their design style and color. The signature of a Heriz is the large medallion with overscale cornerpieces filled with angular oak leaves and foliage, at once bold and captivating. Older antique Heriz rugs, echoing the famous antique Serapi carpets from the same district, tend to be more spacious in design, while the Heriz rugs woven in the last 60 years tend to be more densely designed. Other formats more rarely seen include allover flower or leaf antique carpet designs and occasionally a “Tree of Life” motif reminiscent of someantique Caucasian rugs.

The better semi-antique and antique Herize rugs used the lustrous wool from the Shahsavan, a nomadic tribe residing in the nearby Elbrus Mountains. Later, wool was imported from Tabriz, but it was always top quality and high in lanolin. They are quite loosely knotted, but employ a thick, sturdy cotton foundation with tightly packed knots, making for their well-known durability.

In home design, Heriz carpets are beloved for their versatility. Their geometry complements modern furnishings and their warm colors and artistic depth enhances antiques of all kinds. Their richness of color and strength of design make them a common choice for corporate settings as well. Exemplary Herize Persian rugs make an excellent investment carpet because of their artistic individuality and enduring appeal.

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