Karabagh Kilim

Karabakh was famous for its pileless carpets,starting with traditional Turkic Kilim it slowly evolved into different more elaborate types of ornaments such as shadda, zili,

Shirvan Kilim

Kilim is the most widespread type of flat-woven carpets. They are made by passing the weft through the warp using the technique of compound interweaving.

Khotan Rugs

Khotanese textiles were mentioned by Xuanzang, who visited the oasis in 644 CE. In his Biography it is stated: “It produced carpets and fine felt,

Caucasian Rugs

The Caucasian carpets are from the areas south, east and north of the mountain chain of the Caucasus. Made from materials particular to individual tribal


The art of Persian rugs originated more than 2,500 years ago. Persian rugs and carpets initially woven by nomadic tribes to cover the floors or


Bakshaish is a town on the banks of the Talke Rud River in the Heriz region of Northwest Persia. Situated in the mountainous region 60

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