Eco-Friendly Rugs That Will Last a Long Time

Those that have more than a passing interest in home decor may have heard of washable rugs. But what if told that you no longer had to fear stains the way that you once did? And that perhaps you can have your cake and eat it too (and wine). And

Finding Beautiful Boutique Rugs

Save as much as half on rugs when you buy at Boutique Rugs online. You can find modern, vintage styles, Bohemian designed floor covers, outdoor rugs, native American rugs, rustic, bamboo, wool and more, and with free shipping on most orders. Boutique Rugs is a one-stop website for all your

Home Tips on How to Choose Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Indoor-Outdoor rugs blend the finest of both worlds, indoor-outdoors and barbecues; creating an outdoor area that radiates warmth and vibrancy. Made of durable, weather-resistant fabrics, indoor-outdoors rugs create a warm, inviting, or cozy space in your home or office. Beautifully crafted and featuring textured designs, indoor-outdoors rugs add a new

How to Decorate With Bedroom Rugs

Choosing bedroom rugs is an important investment decision for any homeowner. Since it’s probably the place where you get ready for sleep every morning, it should be a comfortable place as well. And it should reflect your personal style as much as possible. Here are some tips for helping you

IKEA Rugs Make Great Alternatives For Your Home

Whether you’re partial to the classic sisal RECTUS or the luxurious Sisal OLESTE, IKEA rugs are perfect for projects that require a sturdy and long-lasting textile. Designed to stand up to a day’s worth of wear and tear, these durable rugs are easy to stitch, glue and stapled to ultra-durative

Jute Rug Sets for Decorative Purposes

The jute rug comes in a variety of natural fibers such as: silk, jute, cotton, sisal, jute, ramie and reed. The jute rug is typically made from coarse-tipped fibers of the jute plant, which can be found mainly in Asia. This kind of fiber is particularly known for being extremely

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