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Between the Black Sea to the west and the Caspian to the east lie several Soviet States, the most important of which are Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and the Russian Federated Socialist Republic (which includes the State of Daghestan). These States make up the area in which most Caucasian carpets were

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Ardebil This is a new name and has only been appearing in conjunction with carpets for about the last twenty years. The type of carpet called by this name has absolutely no connection with the famous sixteenth-century Ardebil carpets discussed above. Modern Ardebil carpets are in fact very Caucasian in

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6 Round Rugs That Can Enhance Your Home Decor

Usually, it’s said about round rugs and specific sizes. Having said this, here now are on to share the following with you. What exactly are round rugs made of? As the term suggests, round rugs would be those of circular shape usually, not more.   Round rugs   They are

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Bathroom Rugs – Selecting The Best Bathroom Rug For Your Bathroom

Bathroom rugs, also called around-the-door or contour rugs, are specially designed to fit around bathrooms. Sometimes you will find rugs next to a shower or tub. They’re made from all of the same material and all of the same style features as any normal bathroom rug, only they tend to

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Buying Moroccan Rugs Through the US

If you’re looking for the perfect accent to brighten up your home, why not think about rugs USA? Rugs in general will add a feeling of warmth to any room and can also help make the rooms feel more homely. They provide a relaxing feeling that can help make you

Eco-Friendly Rugs That Will Last a Long Time

Those that have more than a passing interest in home decor may have heard of washable rugs. But what if told that you no longer had to fear stains the way that you once did? And that perhaps you can have your cake and eat it too (and wine). And

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