Rug Cleaning

We provide cleaning service for  all kind of expensive antique and Oriental or Persian rugs. Please call to schedule an appointment +1(561)660-8834 VERY EASY.. HOW TO WASH

Rug Repair and Restoration

Antique and Oriental Carpet Restoration: We provide our customers antique and oriental rug repair and restoration in order to keep their rugs in orginal form

Rug Rentals

Palm Beach Rug Gallery in Palm Beach offers rug rentals for short or long terms. Search our entire collection of Antique Rugs and Vintage Rugs


Antique Peking rugs and carpets are basically a newer subset of the antique rug production that started in China shortly after the end of the


The Bakhtiari tribespeople of the rugged Zagros Mountains are famed for their perilous annual migrations over snow-capped peaks and for their lustrous, deep-toned antique tribal

Kula Rug

Kula is the capital town of the Manisa Province, and lies about 100 km east of Izmir on the road to Ușak. Together with Ușak,